by Lex Friedman

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Connections screen
Daily grouping puzzles, inspired by The New York Times's daily Connections puzzle. Sort 16 terms into four set of four.

Today's: Conlextions #310

Lexicogs screen

Daily word block puzzles, inspired by Seven Little Words. Solve seven clues by assembling the word chunks available.

Today's: Lexicogs #132

Square Dance screen

Three jumbled words of progressive length, each missing one letter. Fit in harder letters, score more points.

Today's: Square Dance #111

Minis screen
A daily miniature crossword puzzle.

Today's: Mini #116

Six Appeal screen

The two big differences from Wordle: These are six-letter words — and your guesses don't need to be real words. Wordle meets Mastermind.

Today's: Six Appeal #108

By A Vowel screen

Daily word jumbles, with each word missing one vowel.

Today's: By A Vowel #124

Crossword puzzle
A daily full-size 15x15 crossword puzzle for subscribers.

Today's: Elevators

Mind Control
A Mastermind-inspired daily puzzle for subscribers.

Today's: Mind Control #99